• Installation
  • Quick guide to QuickTuner.
  • What is a station?
  • How to add a new station.


Simply download and run "setup.exe" from the releases tab then click one button and it'll does install QuickTuner and all the required libraries for you automatically. (It's a ClickOnce package)

Make sure you have at least DSL-speed internet connection because it is required both to install and to use QuickTuner.

After installation completes, you can start QuickTuner from the start menu.


Quick guide to QuickTuner

  1. Stations drop-down list.
  2. Pick a station to change to the station.
  3. Opens station editing dialog.
  4. Play/Stop the radio.
  5. Close QuickTuner

You can also click the QuickTuner icon in your system try once with your left mouse button to hide the QuickTuner bar.

What is a station?

A station in QuickTuner is unlike normal radio, you don't tune in to specific frequencies as you would a real radio. Instead you browse to the radio station's website and locate their "listen online" page. You then copy the URL of that webpage and paste it in QuickTuner. Then the next time you wish to tune into that station, simply pick the station's name from the station drop-down list and QuickTuner will "tunes" to it automatically for you.

The difference is that QuickTuner does not clutter your workspace (desktop and taskbar) and changing station becomes a 2-3 clicks tasks instead of tedious browsing and bookmarking.

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How to add a new station

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  1. Browse to the station's "listen online" webpage.
  2. Copy the webpage's URL from your browser.
  3. Opens QuickTuner if you haven't already.
  4. Click the station's drop-down list.
  5. Select Edit stations...
  6. Click on New Station
  7. You will find a new entry at the end of the list, double click its URL field and paste the URL you copied in step 2.
  8. Double-click the name field and give your new station a name, preferably the radio station's name.
  9. Click on Close and you're done. Select your new station from the list to have QuickTuner try it out.

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